Photo by Julie Kruger

Photo by Julie Kruger



Specializing in fine art conceptual themes, Greta Carlstrom has developed her photographic expression to include a variety of artistic themes. Beginning at a very early age in her father’s darkroom seeing the image develop before her eyes sparked her passion for visual imagery. Her creative passions continued throughout her career in advertising as an art director on Madison Avenue in New York. While creating campaigns and commercial photography projects for companies Greta always continued shooting personal photography projects. The next natural transition was to carve out time to work on photography projects full time.

Developing a visual style that’s soft and alluring her work is coming from an emotional place in her psyche and soul. The grandeur of all her experiences led her imagination to reveal images that sometimes can’t be explained. Her images can be, mysterious, cinematic, and even capture the emotional side of her Swedish “Bergmanesque” approach to her imagery.


Selected Articles

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